Property Condition Assessments

3B Property Inspections specializes in commercial building inspections. As a company we have the technical knowledge, but just as important we have the ability to convey information concisely to our clients.

We provide Property Condition Assessments that help investors, property owners, and managers identify deficiencies, risks and costs associated with commercial buildings.

Our Property Condition Assessments are performed to the ASTM standard E2018-15 and review all major systems and components associated with a commercial property.

The Inspection process includes the following:

  • Review documents (previous reports, blueprints, etc.) and talk to building maintenance personnel to gain an understanding of the property and obtain a history regarding the property.

  • Perform a walk-through survey (inspection) of the property.

  • Prepare cost estimates for large items (roofs, parking lots, etc.) and estimates of remaining useful life of the building components.

  • Prepare and send out the report (includes photos of major systems and deficiencies).

We can customize any inspection and report to meet your needs. Some clients request a bottom-line approach while others require a more comprehensive examination.

3B Property Inspections Property Condition Assessments
3B Property Inspections Property Condition Assessments

3B Property Inspections is also able to provide expert consultations for additional building components that may need to be inspected. Additional services may include:

  • ADA Assessments
  • Elevator Inspections
  • Life & Fire Safety Inspections
  • Wood Destorying Organisms
  • Phase I Environmental
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Assessment
  • Mold Survey

The Information provided in our Property Condition Assessments is invaluable for estimating costs associated with repairing and maintaining commercial properties. There is no better investment than a property condition assessment performed by 3B Property Inspections.