Buying a new home is an exciting and sometimes stressful time for buyers. Our goal is to communicate with our clients in a way that makes them feel  comfortable and informed. We provide a detailed and easy-to-understand inspection report. We also provide incredible value for our clients buy offering the latest in cutting edge tools, technology, and the industries best warranties and services.

Home Inspections – As certified inspection experts, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with a thorough, non-intrusive, visual home inspection.

3B Property Inspections

Commercial Assessments – We specialize in commercial property assessments. We assist investors, property owners and managers with clear and concise  reports that identify deficiencies, risks, costs and current conditions.

3B Property Inspections

Mold Survey & Air Quality Test – Mold is everywhere. We need it in our environment to break down our trash and organic material in nature. That said, we also want to make sure there are not abnormal levels of mold in our homes. We recommend having a mold survey if: musty scents and/or damp areas are present, persons living in the home have severe allergies, asthma, suppressed immune systems, or if a prior water leak was disclosed.

Sewer Scope Video – Is your sewer line partially clogged, deteriorated, collapsed or has roots growing through it? Getting a sewer lateral video performed can identify costly issues with your sewer line.

Thermal Imaging – Infrared imaging provides important information relating to otherwise inaccessible areas of the home.

Pool/Spa Inspections – Pools and spas are great fun if properly maintained. Our trained inspectors will visually inspect pool/spa areas, pumps, filters, safety features, and more to make sure proper operation.

3B Property Inspections Infrared Camera
3B Property Inspections Drone
3B Property Inspections Crawlbot
3B Property Inspections Moisture Meter
3B Property Inspections Sewer Scope